The Amazing Dodge Viper

Dodge Viper is the ultimate muscle car. And is a modern American muscle car icon. The engine is a V10 powered sports car. Apart from the mandatory front airbags, which now have multistage deployment and occupant sensing technology, safety equipment is sparse. It is one of the fastest production cars in the world. And is quick, has good handling and looks great. With horsepower and handling that already rival many race cars. And is pure unfettered driving performance, with none of the trimmings. It is one of those cars that demands attention, even when it is sitting still.

The Dodge Viper is a two seat sports car and is being considered as the most powerful car made. The interior is plush and is designed with optimum control of the vehicle in view. And is not only beautiful to look at, it is affordable and fun as well. It is primarily made of seven component modules, instrument panel, fuel tank, suspension corner modules, wheels and tires, cooling module, lift gate assembly and full dressed engine. And is tested in place on the assembly line utilizing special rollers. Under strategic review they announced today the it is under strategic review in order to ensure a strong future for model.

The Dodge Viper is designed to provide the power, handling and performance that only the most skilled drivers can fully exploit. In many ways, it is a carrying case for the V-10 engine under the lengthy hood. In short, getting stuck in traffic is not a good time. With horsepower and handling that rival many race cars it is a symbol of a true American sports car created by passion for ultimate performance and styling, a definite race car for the streets. What you can see at the interior is a leather wrapped steering wheel and throughout the cabin are satin chrome accents and leather trimming. And is a big part of the racing history.

The Dodge Viper is different from most performance cars, because of a very specific X-factor. More in the category of ultra high performance American sports cars, it is joined this year by the exotic Ford Mustang, a car priced considerably higher, and the Corvette Z06, with 505 horse power and a price of only $65,000, but do not expect to get one for that. And is a two seat sports car, the most powerful production car. It is the first vehicle to go into production with patented camshaft technology. And is the last generation of sports car and has a 600 hp engine, very powerful American car. And is the bad boy for under $100,000. More than just a car, it is an icon.

The car [] owners manual might recommend premium fuel, the manual for a Beetle almost certainly does not. Corvette is very similar and Ford Mustang. By the way, the 7 liter Corvette more than competes, which could give the standard Corvette a bit of a run for its money. In the 90s, the eagerly anticipated Dodge Viper put the muscle back in muscle cars. All of which soon culminated in the new, aggressive look on the Dodge Ram Pickup, Dakota and Durango.

Ronald W. Firquain is a auto mechanic, musician, Arabian horse owner for 20 years, writer, marketer, entrepreneur, webmaster and has 18 years of computer experience.
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