Lotus Elise 1600 CC

lotus elise 2011The New Lotus Elise 1.6

- Lotus have launched an new entry level, face lifted Elise. Designed to be frugal with a planet saving ethos.

What happens when your dream car is about as much a reality as bumping into Lady Ga Ga in Tescos? Well it just becomes something you think about when you feel you need to escape the boundaries of your every day life. Not a bad a thing I guess, it gives us all goals and a place to aim.

Now let me ask another question. What if your dream car could actually become a part of your lifestyle? without you having to sell your organs. And no Lady Ga Ga won’t be a part of this. Sports cars are designed to be lusted after, to be sexy and admired with their sweeping curves, powerful engines and exclusive price tags. On the subject of change, sports cars and the word ‘affordable’ don’t tend to go in the same sentence, unless we’re talking about old classics.

I’m not talking about a rusty old MGB but still an iconic British sportscar. The Lotus Elise. Now in its 15th. year of production the titchy fibre glass sports car offers an eco alternative to its pedigree of superb handling, race breed roadsters. The Lotus is made in Norwich, the same place as Turnips and Mustard.

This is the new entry level Elise, powered by its smallest engine yet. A 1.6 litre Toyota unit, coupled with a new 6 speed gearbox. This car is all about economy and at £27,000 offers supercar looks for sales rep saloon money. Now for the part that appeals to me. 56 mpg is impressive and must be considered a huge attraction with its 500 mile range. The team at Lotus have nick named this car the 149 due to its low emission output of 149g of Co2 per Km. I just think it’s a nice way of saying ‘yes we have the worlds most eco friendly petrol powered sports car. With the confidence of a reliable Japanese powerplant the Elise is kind of in its little world. Of course there are rival brands and models to consider but all of these lack the little Lotus’s charm, lines and stunning drive. Don’t think that the small engine makes the Lotus experience any less either. It doesn’t. It will reach 60 mph in just 6 seconds and is capable of making you grin with ease. This new Elise handles, grips and snoggs the road like a teenage love affair, you could almost forgive yourself to think that winding roads and bends were designed 100 years ago as these industrial pioneers knew that someday a car would be built to drive around them without almost flat out. Read the rest of this entry »

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The Lexus LFA – A Different Kind of Sports Car

The Lexus LFA is designed and developed by a small group of engineers whose collective aim was to make a super car that Lexus has never manufactured till date. Advanced transmission techniques, superior design standards and quality equipment are used in this car. Speed, safety, comfort, look, feel, driving experience and every other aspect is taken care of in developing this super car.

With a 4.8 liter V10 engine that shows red line at 9,000RPM, Lexus has come up with this ultra modern super car Lexus LFA. -Rear-mounted 6 speed automated transmission Sequential Gearbox (ASG) – Maximum power 552bhp, maximum torque 480Nm – Top speed you can achieve driving this car is 202mph and you can touch 62mph from 0mph in 3.7 seconds. – The exterior material used is Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastic (CFRP)to keep the body weight low to attain maximum speeds and Carbon Ceramic Material (CCM) brakes are used. – This is a limited edition car and only 500 are being produced. – The launch price is expected to be €368,000 (approximately £336,000) in UK

The Lexus Carbon fiber material with advanced resin technology is used for the body construction of this car making it more stable, strong and low weight.

The Lexus LFA is equipped with a V10 engine that is much compact in size with 4,805cc, producing 552bhp and can rev up to 9,00rpm to reach 0-62mph in 3.7seconds. This engine also features excellent throttle response. At 6,800rpm, this engine produces 480Nm torque. Dual VVt-I technology is used in the engine with 12-hole fuel injectors.

It has 4 driving modes with unique gearshift programs – Auto, Sport, Normal and Wet. You can manually select the driving mode of your choice depending on the weather and road conditions.

For all those F1 freaks – the Lexus LFA is in match with those formula1 cars in the engine sound both external and internal. The sound this engine delivers during revs in the city for sure make the heads turn. Read the rest of this entry »

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